Staying young — inside and out — can help you live the active, full life most of us desire.

Introduction to Principles of FLY (Feel@Look Younger) Planner. Heber City Plan.

  • Activity
  • Beauty Routine
  • Anti-Aging Habits
  • Eat Wisely
  • Mental Health

1. Activity (HabitAge)

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Wasatch Aquatic Center

Location: 744 South 200 East, Heber City, UT 84032

1. Water Aerobics/Aqua Fit
An aqua aerobics class will allow you to burn between 350 and 700 calories in a one hour class due to the increased resistance to movement in the water. Good for weight loss/fat burning & excellent cardio respiratory exercise.

2.Water Zumba
Water creates natural resistance, which means your muscles still get worked during the class. Aqua Zumba classes are for every age and gender, making it a workout that’s pretty much perfect for everyone. It’s a much higher intensity workout than water aerobics, but still keeps that same low-impact goodness so your joints won’t be killing you after.

3. Boga Mat Yoga
The BOGA FITMAT is a mat that floats on top of the water and allows you to get a full body workout on an unstable surface. The workout combines cardio and strength training exercises.

4. Adult Swimming Lessons

HEBER VALLEY – Breathe in the cool mountain air in Utah’s Little Switzerland

Goga LLC – a yoga class with goats!

There are multiple health benefits to practicing yoga.
There are also many benefits to participating in animal-assisted therapy. The goats are the main part of the class. Animals, goats included, have been known to help people with depression, lower stress and fatigue levels, and help you forget about pain.

Location: 784 W Resort Dr, Midway, UT 84049

2.Beauty Routine (HabitAge)

Your face is your canvas, treat it to the best of the best. Healthy skin is glowing skin is beautiful skin, and we believe it’s your skin, with the right products to support it.
Health food store
Address: 989 S Main St, Heber City, UT 84032

The Finest Clothing Made Is A Person’s Own Skin
Nelson Esthetics Salon Spa

Address: 322 Gateway Heber City, UT 84032

“We believe that all people should be an advocate of their own health.”

See how you can magnify your beauty (Facials & Masks, Microdermabrasion, Micro-Needling, Men’s Facials, Body Treatments) – 
Take care of the skin as it’s your biggest organ.
Address: 190 North Main, Heber City, UT 84032. Phone: (435) 657-1930

The road to better-looking skin
The removal of dead skin from the surface is a big part of skin care. How does it benefit your skin?
In many situations, what we think of as dry skin is actually just dead skin. Many of those flakes on the surface of your skin are dead cells, and exfoliating with the right products will get rid of these in a heartbeat. This process will then allow you to apply moisturizer to the living layer, which is the one that really needs it.

Massage is a gentle and effective therapy that can reduce stress, relieve pain and muscle tension, improve circulation, increase joint flexibility and reduce fatigue.

Address: 550 W 100 S #A2, Heber City UT 84032

3.Anti-Aging Habits

Main Street Park
Address: 250 S Main St, Heber City, UT 84032

4.Eat Wisely (HabitAge)

Healthy Recipe of The Page

Berry Coconut Cream Delight

Serves 6 Total . Time 5 minutes

This Berry Coconut Cream Delight is not only healthy but delicious too. The rich and creamy coconut milk freezes around the berries creating a wonderful mouth-feel with each bite.

1 (13.5-ounce) can Natural Grocers Brand Organic Original Coconut Milk
1 (16-ounce) bag Natural Grocers Frozen Organic Berries, (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, or mixed berries)
Optional Sweeteners: erythritol, stevia, Natural Grocers Brand Maple Syrup, etc.
Optional toppings: nuts (pecan pieces, walnut pieces), seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, hemp, or flax), shredded coconut, cacao nibs, cocoa powder, cinnamon powder, coriander powder, or nutmeg.


Pour the coconut milk into a mixing bowl; if it has separated, whisk until it is fully combined. Add the frozen berries. Stir until well combined and add sweetener of your choice to desired sweetness.
Divide into six serving dishes and add toppings of your choice. Before serving, let the berries and coconut milk sit for a few minutes, the coconut milk will freeze around the berries.

Nutrition information for 1 serving without sweetener: 148 calories; 10 g fat; 12 g carbohydrates; 1.5 g protein.

Real natural farm products for those who are seeking optimal health.

Six varieties of raw cheese and hand gather eggs from truly free-range chickens.
Real Beef comes from cattle who enjoy a healthy balanced eco-system. Beef that has been raised on pasture contains higher levels of nutrient richness. Omega 3 fats and CLA increase proportionally with the amount of time cattle spend on grass.

Where in Heber City?
Address: 475 W 910 S, Heber City, UT 84032

Healthy Food in Herber City

Natural Grocers is your source for the best and highest quality produce, nutrition education, dietary supplements and vitamins, and body care products in Heber.
Address: 989 S Main St, Heber City, UT 84032

When to Plant Vegetables in Heber, UT

Your planting strategy (Heber City):

Cole crops like broccoli and cabbage can be direct seeded into your garden around May 4, assuming the ground can be worked, but it’s better to start them indoors around April 6 and then transplant them into the garden around May 26. Do the same with lettuce and spinach.

Do you want to grow tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants? Start these indoors around April 6. Then, around June 11 you should start watching the weather forecast and, as soon as no frost is forecast, go ahead and transplant those into the ground.

For all the summer vegetables like beans, corn, pumpkins, watermelons you should plant those seeds directly into the ground around June 15.

Your fall planting strategy:
Most tomatoes, peppers and eggplants, for example, require around 100 days to harvest, therefore you’d want to transplant those into the ground around May 27.

5.Mental Health (HabitAge)

Sunrise Meditation


Mindfulness Style Meditation –thought !! breath !! body !! emotion awareness practices to reduce stress.
Free Community Drop-in Guided Group Meditation. Beginners Welcome!

Location: Midway Community Center, 75 N 100 W, Midway, UT, 84049

Heber City site:

Introduction to Principles of FLY (Feel@Look Younger) Planner. Payson Plan

  • Activity
  • Beauty Routine
  • Anti-Aging Habits
  • Eat Wisely
  • Mental Health


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1.  Distance 1 : 1.8miles
Payson City Recreation, 1050 S Main St, Payson, UT 84651

Peteetneet Academy & Museum, 10 N 600 E, Payson, UT 84651

2. Distance 2 : Hiking area

The Payson P, Payson, UT 84651

3. Gladstan Golf Course, 1 Gladstan Dr, Payson Utah, 84651

Mental Health Matters

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  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
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  • First Baptist Chapel
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  • MOUNTAIN VIEW HOSPITAL (Proprietary, 1000 EAST 100 NORTH)

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